More on Sting Being In New Orleans, Network Special on Bryan, RVD


– Legendary actor Tommy Chong will be appearing on Rob Van Dam’s “RVD Live” today at 4pm EST on

– As noted, WWE Network cameras will be following Daniel Bryan around New Orleans for WrestleMania week. A “Journey to WrestleMania” special on Bryan will air on the Network next Tuesday, April 8th from 9pm until 9:30pm EST.

– We noted before that Sting has been added to this weekend’s WrestleCon event so he will indeed be in New Orleans. For what it’s worth, the people representing Sting in regards to his WrestleCon appearance were saying he was not scheduled for either WrestleMania XXX or RAW the next night, and that the WrestleCon people were paying for a round-trip ticket with Sting going back home after the convention.

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  1. They also said that Kevin Nash was just in Pittsburgh for a ROH convention, and then he showed up for the Royal Rumble. Would be an awesome moment if Sting showed up after Taker beats Brock Lesnar, or the next night on RAW.

  2. yea….just like Chris Jericho just happened to be a few miles away from the ppv that wwe had a couple yrs ago, but he wasn’t gonna be a part of it. And Brock Lesnar just happened to be in Miami the day after WrestleMania 28……

  3. the wwe is really doin a great job of keeping this one under wraps. all the denials, all the so-called not really a priority to sign him talk, all the jibber jabber, its kinda obvious. this is what will happen: the lights will kinda flicker a little thru-out the nite at wrestlemania. then, before they go off the air, the lights will go out, and a sting promo will appear on the titantron, setting it up for Raw, the next night.


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