More On The Potential Plans For Ric Flair & WWE

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As we reported earlier, WWE Hall Of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair finally made the trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this past Monday (June 2nd) to undergo the required WWE medical testing.

If Flair passes the tests, he is expected to return to WWE television as a regular character.

As noted in the past, ideas for Flair have ranged from being the possible new RAW General Manager, managing The Miz and managing Dolph Ziggler — an idea that was reportedly turned down by WWE.

ORIGINAL: Ric Flair is scheduled for his full cardiovascular physical in Pittsburgh this week in order to see if he’s able to come back to WWE TV as a full-time TV character. The company is being extra careful with those of Flair’s age range after Jerry Lawler’s heart attack and Ultimate Warrior’s passing.

It is believed among those in creative that Flair should be a babyface at this stage in his career. There have been several ideas floated in regard to who he could be paired with. One suggestion was to put him back with Miz, following up on when he “gave” Miz the figure-four as a submission move with the hopes that he could be pushed up as a top babyface. There are quite a few who are skeptical of this however, feeling that Miz is “damaged goods” and at best should go heel if they want to push him up the card since fans don’t like him and his face runs have flopped.

Flair wants to manage Ziggler and sees him as a potential top star. Flair recently came out in an interview and praised Ziggler. He also confirmed that he’d like to manage him.

The source notes that Flair has been back in the gym and gotten his weight down to 230 pounds, with a goal of 225 when he gets back to TV.

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  • showoff

    a good idea but because Ziggler speaks his mind, he’s being held back…..even though he works his ass off every night………

  • Tom

    Flair should be RAW General Manager

  • Kinzu

    Flair with Ziggler is just easy money. Flair and Miz didn’t work once so why would they try it again? Flair as GM? been there done that, but it could work assuming the payoff down the road is Sting coming in.

    • Just havin fun.

      Oh, crap, you just figured out Vince’s master plan. Flair v Sting, WM31. Scary thought, isn’t it?

      • Kinzu

        Meh could always be worst. Even though I know it wouldn’t be a great match I’d likely still pay to see those two go at it.

        • Just havin fun.

          Yeah, that’s the worst part, I would want to see it too 🙂

  • Laurence

    Keep him off TV. I struggle when he speaks now. The only thing I’d like to see is maybe have him on NXT as Charlotte’s mentor to give the show a bit of star power. Although NXT is really good at the moment.

  • HTRD77

    As long as he doesn’t wrestle. If like to see Flair come back and have Arn Anderson Joing him and they create a new horsemen stable with Flair and Arn Managing Dolph and 3 more young guns.

  • CMP

    Having Flair as Ziggler’s manager? Oh man that’s money. Imagine a feud with Cesaro and Ziggler with Flair and Heyman shooting back and forth.

    • HC Duran

      Definitely Flair with Zig. It would also be a good segway for Flair representing Charlotte when she goes to the main roster. There should be a lot more managers with stables, e.g. Lana would slay as sexy steel-eyed manager of several ‘foreign’ talents. Even Miz could work out as a face if booked properly—say, have him join Bryan (based on their past rookie-pro relationship) in a new alliance against the Authority, leading to Miz re-emerging as a major storyline player.