More Details Regarding Buck Zumhofe’s Sentencing


UPDATE: Yesterday saw former AWA star Buck Zumhofe sentenced to years in prison for several counts of criminal sexual conduct. It’s a major story in Minnesota that has been picked up by several mainstream media outlets. Here are some more details of the result:

* Zumhofe was sentenced to 310 months (over 25 years) for two first-degree and two third-degree counts of criminal sexual conduct. He was found guilty of four counts but originally charged with 12.

* Assistant County Attorney Aaron Welch asked the judge to double the sentence to 620 months (over 51 years) due to Zumhofe’s prior criminal sexual conduct, the conviction, the cruelty and the multiple forms of sexual contact against the victim, a family member. Welch said Zumhofe had “no remorse”, even after admitting the crimes happened during a pre-sentence investigation. The judge declined.

* Zumhofe’s attorney requested a stay in prison time and probation so he could get treatment and counseling. The judge turned that down too.

* Zumhofe will be back in court today to get sentenced for escaping custody. It was reported that Zumhofe tried to escape while using a restroom, it now seems like he broke free of officers (according to a separate report) in a hallway while being taken to the conference room to see his attorney. He was tackled and taken back into custody. He will likely be sentenced for another 4-10 years.

You can read more about it in this article from the St Cloud Times.

ORIGINAL: As you may know, former AWA star Buck Zumhofe was convicted back in March of six counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct against a female family member who was fifteen at the time that the abuse began. Zumhofe, who at the time tried to escape the courtroom, was sentenced today on the twelve charges and has received twenty-six years in prison. At the age of sixty-eight, that could amount to a life sentence.

The SC Times reports that Zumhofe was handed down the sentence in Kandiyohi County District Court Minnesota on Thursday. He will be back in court tomorrow for sentencing on the charge of escaping police custody for his attempt to run at the conviction hearing.

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