More on The Shield Breaking Up and Why They Turned Babyface on RAW

– We noted before that there is still a plan in place for The Shield to split up. The plan is for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to play the heel tag team while Roman Reigns will be booked as a top singles babyface.

The apparent babyface turn by The Shield on RAW was done to accomplish two things – allow The New Age Outlaws to work a program with them, which they requested, and to better set up Reigns’ big singles run.

The idea behind better setting up Reigns’ singles run is that it’s better for Ambrose and Rollins to turn on Reigns than it is for Reigns to turn on them.

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  • TwoBits

    I’m kind of digging all members of the Shield as faces. I think the turn has really helped Rollins show what he is capable of doing to a large audience.

    • Negatist

      Well Rollins is the architect… but they are a stronger group as a heel. Personally, I would go with Ambrose as the top dog for a heel singles push.

      • ALLAN

        ambrose is a good heel, but the shield going face is a good move there very over with the crowd now.


    shield is the next evolution. so much talent in a group. wwe hasnt done anything this right with anyone in a long time. they have done everything perfect with the shield since day one.

  • Ralph Ramos

    Its going to be real exciting watching the shield feud with The old age outlaws. Old man Jesse James and kiss ass Billy Bong are going to REALLY put them over.