More on WM Betting Odds, Update on Tag Titles at WrestleMania, NXT

– Bayley, Eden and Tyler Breeze will be doing the meet & greet before Saturday’s WWE NXT live event in Starke, Florida.

– We noted on Monday that early betting odds for WrestleMania XXX have Bray Wyatt going over John Cena, The Undertaker going over Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan going over Triple H. Odds also have the winner of Bryan vs. Triple H winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title match.

– It’s worth noting that the WWE Tag Team Title match for WrestleMania XXX still hasn’t been confirmed by WWE. It was acknowledged on RAW that Ryback and Curtis Axel earned a shot against The Usos for WrestleMania and it was mentioned that Jack Swagger and Cesaro have earned a title shot but The Real Americans were not confirmed by WrestleMania. We should get some kind of confirmation at tonight’s SmackDown tapings.

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  • The FBWA

    Who bets on a fixed event.. fools.

    • ALLAN

      really…. think about it

  • Fast Eddie

    I will bet on one thing, That Samuel Shaw is a creepy bastard.

    • ALLAN

      another post. well atleast shaw has some fans lol

    • Sean

      Yes another Samuel Shaw fan love the guy