More on WWE and Punk Fans at RAW, WWE Quiet on Cena, KENTA

– Multiple sources have confirmed that no fans were kicked out of last night’s RAW in Omaha for chanting CM Punk’s name. It would take something a lot more than a chant for WWE to eject a group of fans that paid to see the show. However, there were a lot of Punk signs confiscated last night. Here’s a screenshot of one fan holding a sign that says, “My other CM Punk sign got confiscated.”

Punk fan sign

– There is no update on John Cena’s eye injury yet because WWE officials are trying to keep it quiet. As noted, Cena did make an appearance after last night’s RAW went off the air.

– KENTA, who was at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando last week, was back in Japan yesterday and gave the impression that he is “Pro Wrestling Noah for life.”

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    so 50+ people trolled the net from one tv taping. hmm