How Much Profit WWE Made In 2017 and the Current Value of the Company, Two Longtime WWE Executives Promoted


As noted, Vince McMahon and other WWE Executives, including Paul “Triple H” Levesque, participated in a media conference call yesterday to discuss the 2017 financial results, a look at 2018, the signing of Ronda Rousey and more. The following are several more highlights from the call, reported by Wrestling Observer Live.

-Longtime Executives George Barrios and Michelle Wilson, who were both present on yesterday’s call, have been promoted to co-Presidents of WWE. Vince McMahon will remain the company’s CEO despite the upcoming relaunch of the XFL.

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-WWE reported $211 million in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017, which is the most the company has ever seen in fourth quarter history. Despite the big number, however, overall fourth-quarter profits were down, at $4.8 million, due to taxes being paid in the quarter.

-The company produced $801 million in revenue, with $32.6 million of that number being direct profits, down slightly from the previous year.

In somewhat related news, according to CNN Money, WWE is currently worth nearly $3 billion. Sales swelled 11% in 2016 and grew another 10% last year. The stock has raced out of the gate this year, jumping 12%. Last year, the stock climbed 66%.

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