Must-Read – Jim Cornette Goes Off On TNA’s Creative Team

Jim Cornette recently appeared on the Undisputed Wrestling Show and took several shots at TNA. Check out the highlights:

On TNA director of creative writing Dave Lagana: “It’s like they are on f—ing acid. I know Dave Lagana, I like Dave Lagana, would never let him close to the f—ing book. He doesn’t know how to book wrestling because the only experience he had was booking ‘sports entertainment.'”

On John Gaburick: “The f—ing goof they hired to be the head of their creative, the Big John character (Gaburick), was an out of work friend of Kevin Dunn’s who gave a pity job to to produce Tough Enough. He’s never booked a f—ing fart after a dinner at Taco Bell.”

On creative writer Matt Conway: “Matt Conway is the guy who Dixie (Carter) put on the creative team when it was Jeff (Jarrett) and Dutch (Mantel) and (Vince) Russo, I’m sorry I threw up a little in my mouth, because they weren’t telling her what was going on. So she took some stooge who worked in the office, he’s a fine kid, but he don’t know shit from apple butter about how to f—ing book wrestling. She put him on the creative team so he could stooge to her about what they were talking about behind her back.”

On the state of wrestling today: “If I stop to dwell on the state of wrestling today, it was literally making me an insane person. That is why I just ignore it for the most part. If you care about the business and if you want to see the business succeed, the things that people do that are the people who are in charge will drive you insane.”

On Christy Hemme: “I can’t say this without laughing out loud! They just put Christy Hemme on the f—ing booking team! What the f—, she couldn’t book Lassie at a pet shop! She’s a nice girl, but what the f—!”

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