MVP Discusses Vince McMahon’s Reaction To Him Leaving WWE & How He Had Planned To Retire


WWE Superstar and producer, MVP recently spoke with Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast where he discussed leaving WWE originally.

MVP made the decision to leave WWE 10 years ago after an impressive run with the company, and he revealed the decision was down to wanting to wrestle in Japan.

“My dream was to wrestle in Japan,” MVP stated. “When I started professional wrestling, I was first introduced to Japanese wrestling. Norman Smiley introduced me to Japanese wrestling. He wrestled in Japan for some time. [After watching some videos of Japanese wrestling] I was like Woah, that’s intense, wow! So, I had a dream that I wanted to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome. I wanted to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling. I had a year left on my deal, and I asked Vince McMahon actually, I asked Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis] at the time, and we talked. A lot of people don’t know Johnny Ace made his career in Japan for All Japan. So, there would be times where me and John would drink a beer, and we’d talk about pro wrestling. We’d sit there, and I would drink up all of his stories about all the guys I used to watch on VHS tapes, and how he used to work with those guys.

“I had a year left on my deal, and they were trying to get me to re-sign a five-year deal. I just didn’t want to at the time. My inner flame was kind of flickering, and Japan was calling me. I needed that fire again.”

MVP then ended up deciding to join TNA rather than returning to WWE, which he said was all down to the deal that was offered.

“When I was ready to come back to WWE, I got a call from TNA, and they offered me a really good deal,” MVP recalled. “It was, you know, less workload, a consumable amount of money, and I was thinking all right, maybe I should try this for a little while. When things wrapped up over at TNA, I wasn’t ready to come back to WWE yet at that time. I was working on the indies, which I enjoyed. I was making my own schedule, working when I wanted to work and then going ok, I’m going to go back to working 52 weeks a year, 3-4 nights a week. It was a big jump.”

MVP did end up returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble earlier this year. Since then he has taken on a producer’s role and was seemingly set to retire from in-ring competition, but instead, he has continued to work in the ring as recently as this week’s WWE Raw.

“My son is five years old and he’s a massive wrestling fan. So, the reason I came back, was because I wanted my son to see me as he calls it in ‘WW Wrestling.’ I had intended to retire,” MVP announced. “I’m 46 now, you know. I was ready to start winding down. They offered me a producer’s position – I accepted it. But, they still valued me as MVP. [They’d say] ‘Hey MVP, could you do an MVP Lounge segment? Hey MVP, could you do this match real quick?’ The next thing I know, I’m doing TV stuff more than I’m doing producer stuff. Then, the COVID-19 hit and the next thing I know, all these layoffs start to hit, and fortunately, I’m still on TV.”

MVP is now working as an on-screen manager for Bobby Lashley as the All-Mighty pushes to try become WWE Champion at WWE Backlash.
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