MVP Provides Update on His TNA Contract Status


MVP recently spoke with Busted Open Radio about whether or not he is under contract to TNA Wrestling.

“As of this moment, we are still working out the crossing of T’s and dotting I’s so to speak. We have come to terms, but there is some minor legalities that still needs to be worked out. But as far as me and TNA are concerned, we are good. I’ve always wanted TNA to succeed, even when I was with the WWE.”

MVP continued, “I said I had friends over there that I wanted to do well. The most prosperous times were the times of the Monday Night Wars. There were something like 12 million people watching wrestling. There were also guys too that I wanted to work with. Samoa Joe, I’ve been wanting to work with him since we were in the indies together. I don’t think you want to lace up the boots if you don’t want to work with Kurt Angle. I finally got a chance to work with Bobby Roode and I’m sure that’s the first of many to come. It’s a roster loaded with talent, I just think in the past there were some decisions that were made that probably weren’t for the best, but hopefully those mistakes were recognized and now will be rectified.”

Also in the interview, MVP talks about how much creative pull he has, his thoughts on Dixie Carter and various other topics. You can check out the full interview at this link.

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  1. I would worry about losing to guys like Robert Rood first. That’s not gonna get you more money McDLT.

  2. The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards), EC3, MVP, Tigre Uno, and Sam Shaw, are an example of some fresh Talent that can really change TNA. I love the Knockouts way more than the WWE divas (only AJ Lee, Natalya and Tamina really stand out as credible in ring talent). TNA knockouts are really entertaining. I love The Beautiful People reunion (madison Rayne and My love Velvet Sky, Gail Kim, ODB, LeiD Tapa, Brooke Tess, Alpha Female, Christy Hemme, All of them, but the knockout roster is thin.


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