MWE’s April 20th 2013 Event – MWE at The Rinks in HB.


April 20th 2013 – MWE at The Rinks in HB.

* Christian Cole opens the show and reluctantly presents new MWE Heavyweight Champion Brian Cage with his title belt.
Famous B interrupts and informs Cage that he will not have the title after tonight.
Out comes James ‘The Main Event’ Morgan with Heather Lynn to plead his case with the Commissioner as to why he should be the #1 Contender.
Commissioner Cole decides to stick it to Brian Cage by making a Triple Threat for the nights main event. It’s Cage defending against Famous B and James Morgan.

* Mikey O’Shea defeated THE Brian Kendrick in a classic match.

* Cedric The Hitman defeated El Ridiculoso. After the match, Tha Chef comes out to help lift his friends spirits and give away some merchandise. While Chef is on the outside giving shirts to the awesome MWE fans, Kyle Webb sneaks into the ring and attacks El Ridiculoso.

* Fresh 2 Death defeated Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon to retain their MWE Mach 1 tag titles.

*Eric Cross defeated Andrew Hellman with assistance from The Mega King Tommy Wilson. This one is far from over.

* Todd Chandler states he is here to avenge his 3 second loss to Brian Cage and make his MWE career 1-1. The strange and mysterious John Doe defeated Todd Chandler. Chandler is now 0-2.

* Tha Chef is in the ring to take on Joey Barone. There is no ref in the ring until Christian Cole comes out to explain that he doesn’t like how Chef panders to the people. Cole brings out the ref for this match, Kyle Webb.
Joey Barone defeated Tha Chef after a fast 3 count from Kyle Webb. After the match, both Barone and Webb put a beat down on Chef. El Ridiculoso with chair in hand came out to make the save and clear the ring.

* Todd Chandler comes back out and he promised he wouldn’t leave here 0-2 and wants another opponent.
Eric Watts defeated Todd Chandler. Chandler is now 0-3.

* Ricky Mandel defeated Tommy Wilson when Wilson is distracted by Andrew Hellman’s music. After the match, Hellman’s music plays again and WIlson is ready for Hellman to come down the aisle. However, Hellman comes through the crowd and almost gets Wilson, who hightailed out of the ring.

* Brian Cage successfully defended his MWE Heavyweight Title against James Morgan and Famous B.
After the match, both Famous B and James Morgan attacked Cage. This was a vicious attack which prompted the locker room to come out and pull both guys off the champ.
While Famous B was leaving, he took the MWE title. It took a few more minutes to pull Morgan off Cage.

A great night of action and we’re on our way to May 25th and MWE’s benefit show for CHOC. Matches will be announced soon and you can buy tickets now – only $10!


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