myss4tune’s Tarot: WrestleMania 33 Predictions


Greetings, friends and foes and most of all – to my darling 4tune8s . . .

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Due to some unfortunate ‘real life’ events, I haven’t contributed as consistently as I’ve wanted lately however . . . I’m now ‘back’ to rectify that and considering this is the most exciting time of year for pro wrestling, I simply had to fix my gaze on WrestleMania 33 . . .

So, without further fanfare, myss4tune presents her ‘mania 33 predictions – as whispered to her by the Tarot.

(Example of Myss4tune’s Tarot deck located HERE.

Reading done: 31/03/2017 14:40 AEDT.

WrestleMania Card as published on 31/03/2017).


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (pre-show)


Ace of Cups


Eight of Pentacles


A rushed or surprise ending – that almost comes out of nowhere with possibly two contenders removed by the one at once – this creates a huge impact as all three were ‘favoured’. Winner reads as an emotional, hard worker. He has stacked accomplishments but still reads as unfulfilled – ‘missing something’. He has issue with balancing emotion and logic but stands firm even when ‘rocked’ about. I feel his win sets up a greater rivalry as there’s consequential ‘unfinished business’. Given the competitors announced thus far my prediction for the winner is: Braun Strowman or possibly for the shock – Rhyno.


WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship:

Alexa Bliss (Champion) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Mickie James vs. Carmella vs. Naomi (pre-show)


Knight of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

The Devil


A return to balance and a more fruitful way forward – that removes the chains of the past. Indications of a male presence ‘going into business for himself’. An unsure ending is present, not in terms of a definite victor, but perhaps a series of short falls before a final decision. Overall feeling is that Naomi will regain the title, against final competitor Alexa Bliss – however, watch for Micki James and Natalya’s ‘head to head’ – a seed of ‘something bigger’ results from this match up – a potential alliance perhaps?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Neville (ch) vs. Austin Aries (pre-show)



Two of Swords

10 of Swords


The crossroads of the rivalry. Intense match, that switches moment to moment. Victor gets a hard fought victory, almost to the point of being ‘left for dead’. Very technical and psychological match is also indicated, whereby both competitors are on equal footing. Ultimate decision is felt to be ‘bestowed’ upon the winner, rather than a simple clean win. This makes me feel Neville will retain, however, Austin Aries gets his ‘blessing’ too (perhaps a rematch or ‘taking Neville out’ after the match).


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship:

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (ch) vs. Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Enzo and Cass


The Tower

Six of Wands

The Hermit


A destructive win, with bodies left in wake. Wins of the belts comes from a moment of brilliant tag-team synchronicity – i.e. an awesome out of nowhere blind-sided move. This lights the way for the ultimate victor – one not entirely on side with the people. For this reason, I feel that Sheamus and Cesaro gain the titles but not without major destruction and injury. While not popular, I feel this will be an important reign for the Tag Titles themselves as this reign will re-focus the reputation of the Tag-Team. I also see indications of Sheamus and Cesaro holding the belts for at least one turn of the wheel – perhaps until next major PPV.


John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse


The Moon

The Sun

The Star


Wow. Gorgeous cards, Superstars! Very celestial, indeed. Indications of a positive win that reveals all. This lays solid lasting foundations of a new direct path – (i.e. retribution) a path flooded with emotion, illusions and shadows. This foreshadowing match, however, will see ‘balance’ return. Given the face positions of John Cena and Nikki Bella, I envision Team Total Divas taking the win over Team Total Bella Bullshit. However, smiles are short lived – much animosity and ‘breaking of ties’ are to come as a result of the end. I feel this match is more the appetizing pre hard-work and it’s all leading towards a much bigger, ‘complete full-stop’ showdown.


WWE Raw Women’s Championship:

Bayley (ch) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax


Ace of Cups

Eight of Cups

Two of Pentacles


Much like the lead up to this match, I feel this match is turbulent and unbalanced. The victor however, comes in the form of someone in transition and drifting in different waters and in order to get above the crowd, her ability to dig in and use her ‘learning’ will come into play. As a result, she will switch from calm waters to a storm without warning – assuring her victory. I feel this victor is most likely to be Sasha Banks via a heel turn. I also feel complications with the ending; perhaps it’s not sold well, or it comes too fast but whatever it is, it’s not an ‘accepted’ end and is riddled with heat.


WWE United States Championship:

Chris Jericho (ch) vs. Kevin Owens



Two of Cups

Knight of Swords


The severance of final ties from a partnership, a ‘rest in peace’ for the bonds. Indications of a charged and direct attack that ends the battle with finality. Given that the Strength card is present, I read this as Chris Jericho taking the win over Kevin Owens and severing all previous foundations with Mr Owens.


WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Dean Ambrose (ch) vs. Baron Corbin



Three of Swords

The High Priestess


A transitional match that I read as being chaotic and unbalanced; almost as if shadowed in doubt or confusion. Indications of an over-inflated sense of urgency and mayhem (could the match be cut short; given a ‘dusty finish’?). There’s something very unsettling and murky about this match that I am unable to fully grasp. However, as I feel transition is the key message in these cards – I read the victor as Baron Corbin.


Seth Rollins vs. Triple H


Nine of Swords

Knight of Wands

The World


A potent match, mixed with highly psychotic/psychological tactics and outright tenacity. An elevation above doubts and instability that leads to a revelation that has yet to be even hinted at. This brings about a major change to the ‘world’ we usually see. This is not so much a ‘getting over’ but ‘getting beyond’ barriers and expectation (both personally in regards of Mr Rollin’s current build and match pop expectation). Indications that the Knight is triumphant over the King and new ‘prides’ are cemented. Hence, I foresee a Seth Rollins victory with hints of Mr Rollins heading/fronting a new faction in response to Mr Trip’s threats.


Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles


Page of Swords

Five of Pentacles

10 of Cups


Much celebration is present in this reading – indicating that reward and recognition is finally granted. Doubts and lamentations from the past begin to clear, revealing a younger man who stands tall, even when ‘unsure of his footing’ (AJ styles emerges ‘unexpectedly’ after a high flying spot perhaps?) resulting in a clean, unarguable victor – Mr Styles.


The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns


The Tower

The Empress

The Hanged Man


(a personal disclaimer: this is a hard match for me to read as I always want the ‘Taker to win, so I do not promise full objectivity)

Destruction and breaking of the old makes way for a new era of fertility and growth. Theories, ‘what if’s’ and doubts are put to rest. From out of the ashes of the old rises a new flame that moves in a different direction. Rebuilding and restructuring indicated.

*sigh* – Roman Reigns wins. Bah.


WWE Championship:

Bray Wyatt (ch) vs. Randy Orton


Five of Pentacles

Seven of Swords

Seven of Pentacles


Oo! An interesting contest this one. Indications of illusion and shifty tactics – and someone left out in the cold antagonising and instigating much of the chaos. Reading hints of expected but hidden threats taking focus and smothering false ideals and loyalties. Ultimate victor is tied to notions of creation and family, so given that, I feel Bray Wyatt will retain with the ‘assist’ of another, setting up a future triple threat.


WWE Universal Championship:

Goldberg (ch) vs. Brock Lesner


Ace of Swords

Ace of Wands

King of Wands


I read this as the victor we all think will win, does. All cards indicate that the ‘fire’ King – Brock Lesner – is undoubtedly the winner.


Final Message:


The Star

10 of Pentacles

Nine of Wands


Overall, I read this Mania as being high on the success scale. It reads of excitement and both the past and future combining in a harmonious and ‘pop worthy’ mix. But have no illusions, don’t get comfortable yet, there is descent among the ranks so expect some major fall outs. A dramatic shift in perspective and new face trying to get over is also indicated.


So, that’s myss4tune’s WM33 predictions, thank you for gazing alongside with me  . . . but I must ask . . . what do you see?



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