Mysterio’s Return Pushed Back, News on Vince & RAW’s Low Rating, Show

– As noted before, Big Show is out with an injury. He’s expected back in mid-July.

– After Rey Mysterio’s most recent visit to doctors in Florida, his return to the ring has been pushed back to early August. As noted yesterday, there’s talk of having him feud with Dean Ambrose or Jack Swagger.

– When the low RAW rating came in two weeks ago after going head to head with game 7 of the NBA Playoffs, there was a lot of fear within WWE creative. Most everyone fears that their job isn’t safe and word is that Vince McMahon was blaming WWE’s product more than the NBA game as he didn’t understand how big of a draw the Miami Heat are and figured Indiana is isn’t a major market so the Pacers weren’t a very popular team.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Franklin

    Vince didn’t understand how big a draw the Miami Heat are?!?

    Retire already Vince, you’re showing how out of touch you are every day…

  • Rich Francis

    Please Put Drop Rey in a Meat Grinder he always hurt and he just a fan fav for the stupid people like Sin Cara And Christian who are always hurt drop that stuff you got better talent. At least Edge knew when to go.