Nakamura On ‘Really Wanting’ To Compete At WrestleMania 33, His Favorite NXT Match, More

– Jay Reddick of The Orlando Sentinel recently spoke with Shinsuke Nakamura at this week’s WWE championship belt reveal, check out the highlights below:

On wanting to compete at WrestleMania:

“I hope. I hope. I want to go to the next [level],” Nakamura said, after a long 15-second pause. “If I can wrestle at WrestleMania, that’s going to be awesome. I… really… want… WrestleMania… I want to wrestle at the biggest wrestling show on the Earth.”

His favorite NXT match to date:

“My debut at TakeOver Dallas was so special for me,” he said. “I could prove it in just one match against Sami Zayn. I never wrestled with him before, but I knew I could prove myself real quick.”

On offering his experience to new talent:

“I already have a lot of experience,” Nakamura said. “I’m not somebody green in developmental, so NXT is something interesting where the experienced people and the young people mix. We can teach them, and they can learn from us. [Teaching them] is always good stimulation for me.”