Naomi Reflects On Trying To Get Her ‘Feel The Glow’ Gimmick Approved


Naomi recently spoke with Civilian Magazine about her ‘Feel The Glow’ gimmick and how long it took her to actually get the gimmick approved.

Naomi firstly spoke about how she first felt while watching the women performing, and how she was focused within her time working in developmental.

“I was blown away,” she recalls of her first time seeing the women perform. “I was like, ‘I know I can do that.’” Shortly after entering WWE developmental, Naomi told herself, “I like it, this is cool. It keeps me in shape, and it keeps me fit. So I’ll keep doing it until I figure out what’s next.”

It was her ‘glow’ gimmick that really helped get Naomi off the ground and to the top of the women’s division. However, even though the gimmick proved to be a big hit, Noami admitted it did take some time for WWE to agree to let it happen on television.

“It took me two years to get that on TV. I had been pitching it literally for two years,” she said of her current gimmick. “I just knew that was me, and that was what kind of set me apart.”