Natalya Blogs About Her NXT Women’s Championship Match Against Charlotte Flair


Natalya wrote her latest blog for the Calgary Sun where she spoke about her NXT Women’s Championship match against Charlotte Flair.

With the 25th NXT TakeOver having taken place a few weeks ago, it got me thinking about why we need to believe in ourselves and each other.

I was a part of the first NXT TakeOver that took place on May 29, 2014. When I was asked to be on that show, I remember being excited about working towards something great and wanting to create a masterpiece. NXT at the time was WWE’s developmental system, but since that time it has grown incredibly into a successful third brand for the company. I was asked to be in a match with an up and coming female superstar from NXT by the name of Charlotte Flair. Like myself, Charlotte is carrying on her family’s legacy as she the daughter of the legendary Ric Flair.

In 2014, Charlotte never had a match or a moment where the NXT fans could see what she was truly capable of. I remember my first encounter with her was backstage in the NXT locker room. We were talking about following in our families footsteps, how hard it is and how we both felt more pressure than others to be our best.

Charlotte said to me: “Sometimes I don’t know if I’m good enough or athletic enough. Everyone expects me to be as good as my dad and I’m just getting started.” I told her how funny it is that she mentioned this to me because it was exactly how I felt for many years of my early career. I also felt that I wasn’t “enough.” It’s so easy to feel that way in a world where everything is moving so fast.

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