Natalya Discusses Triple H, Charlotte/NXT, Total Divas, More


In an interview with Newsday, Natalya spoke about working with Triple, Charlotte’s WWE future, Total Divas and more. Check out some highlights below:

On her match with Charlotte at NXT Takeover: “I’m actually getting goose bumps talking about it. It was about honoring and representing two legacies. And it was the first time my uncle Bret and Ric Flair kind of reunited in decades. They haven’t always had a great relationship . . . It connected Bret and Ric in a way they never connected before . . . It was one of the moments I’ll never forget.”

On working with Triple H: “Getting a chance to listen to him and hear his ideas and his philosophies, it’s such a great asset . . . You can make all the suggestions in the world but you cannot teach experience. I’ve actually learned how to be a ring general by working with people who have less experience that me, because I’m feeding off their hunger.”

On Total Divas: “That’s the beauty of it. We’re hoping that people — and a lot of woman especially — who wouldn’t watch WWE are now hooked and watching Raw and Smackdown regularly. I think Total Divas has really helped change the Divas division in WWE. We don’t just need a championship to fight for. We fight for passion. We fight for what we believe in.”​

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