What needs to happen at the upcoming WWE Superstar Shake-Up

How can this "Shake-Up" affect the WWE landscape?


This Monday on Raw, Vince McMahon announced that next week WWE will face a “Superstar Shake-Up”. We don’t know any other details but we can get a fairly good idea of what’s happening.

The draft happened about 9 months ago and we are already used to both rosters. Most fans, including myself don’t want to see guys like AJ Styles and Roman Reigns just swap brands like that so WWE is taking a huge risk by shaking things up.

The Hardys are back. Finn Balor is back. The Revival, Nakamura and Tye Dillinger just made their debuts. I personally think the rosters are shaken up enough yet I still think this Shake-Up can somewhat work.

We know the word “Draft” so why is WWE not promoting it as such? I’m guessing because it’s not an actual old fashioned draft. Picture Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle sitting in opposite sides of a table, each with a folder and an iPad negotiating about superstars and even draft picks for the actual draft post-Summerslam. Tell me that is not a cool visual.

That’s how I picture this Monday’s “Shake-Up”. Not really draft picks but trades and negotiations between the GM’s, maybe even William Regal can show up and we can have one or two call-ups. They can even re-introduce Jim Ross this way.

Now, what needs to happen? I´m sorry but Roman Reigns needs to go to Smackdown Live. His “I don’t care” heelish attitude is working and him working with faces like Orton, Harper, Nakamura and even a double turn with AJ Styles would be magical. I don’t see anyone that needs to go over to Raw, maybe The Miz and Maryse or Dean Ambrose would work really well over in Raw.

What do you think? How do you see this Shake-Up working? what do you think needs to happen?


  1. No way Reigns is going to Smackdown. Vince wants that kind of audience reaction on his flagship.
    And after the Strowman-Lesnar facedown after they both called out Reigns, I’m betting good money – since Reigns has already faced both in singles competition – that WWE is setting up a Triple Threat match for Reigns to win, because beating Strowman AND Lesnar would make him look super.

    • Hei:)SÃ¥ rart at jeg ikke har fÃ¥tt med meg dette..Hiver meg pÃ¥ sammen med de andre 65 hÃ¥pefulle og kjører pÃ¥ med 6 lodd:))Det beste med vÃ¥ren synes jeg er FU)GTKVITEER!:L)Det er deilig og høre pÃ¥ og jeg kan aldri fÃ¥ nok av det:)Krysser fingrer og tær for nydelig giveaway!Klem kathrin

  2. Como dijo una vez Leonardo Padrón en una de sus teleculebras "nada se compara a morir de olvido", y yo le doy la razón, lo peor es que mucho podemos esforzarnos pero poco podemos hacer para evitar que el mal avance.Te dejo cariño flaca, un container de cariño.


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