New Details Revealed on WWE’s Upcoming DVD on Ultimate Warrior

– As noted before, WWE will be releasing a new DVD and Blu-ray on The Ultimate Warrior this year. reports that it will be released on Tuesday, April 1st, just in time for WrestleMania XXX.

It was previously reported that the set would be a match compilation and there was no official word on whether or not Warrior would be directly involved with the project. According to, new information refers to “documentary style interviews with Ultimate Warrior” but it’s stated that those new interviews are still pending confirmation.

It could be that WWE is still trying to secure Warrior for a new deal, possibly the Hall of Fame induction, or at least were trying to sign him at the time the promotional material was made. New interviews with other wrestlers from Warrior’s era will also be featured.

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  • The huntress in the night

    I thought the first dvd was good enough and did a good job of telling the truth well enough.

    • Eyam Ova-Urazis

      WWE disagrees because they feel you should shell out another $25

    • Cowman777

      The first DVD was a bias trashing of him.

  • JG40

    What did he ever do to deserve HoF recognition?

    • Cowman777

      Are you a inbred retard? He is one of the most recognized wrestlers of the past world wide next to Hogan, Macho Man, Ric Flair and others. He bought a innovated gimmick of being intense which was rare at the time. And he defeated Hogan at the biggest stage of them all, which would not had happened had they not seen anything big in the man.

      • JG40

        Inbred retard, my how far you’ve evolved.

        Anyway, he was the most recognized FLASH IN THE PAN. “innovated” gimmick? I see, The “gimmick” he had was injected. In case you forgot, wrestling is STAGED, that’s the only reason he went over Hogan. As soon as Vince realized he made a mistake, and Warrior was going to be a pain in the ass, he cleaned it up and got the belt off him ASAP. The only things he is “remembered” for, besides that “intensity” that he pissed away running around and shaking the ropes, is having a bad match with Hogan and Ms. Elizabeth going after Sherri, does anyone even care/remember who WON the main even in WM7???? He didn’t draw money, hell, he wasn’t even in most main events as a 1 on 1 match, he had to be carried by LOD and Demolition. He had semi-ok feud with Ravishing Rick and that was about it.

        • Cowman777

          Yeah wrestling is staged but they would not just have anyone get a staged win over the biggest star unless there was a valid reason for it you idiot. Are you gonna tell me Warrior is not remembered as Hogan was or other stars? You really wanna play stupid and lie to yourself about that? You have not posted anything of substance to argue why Warrior should not be in the HOF except that you have a bias dislike towards him. Just say that you dont like him and thats it. All that waste of typing and me reading that garbage is pointless because it means nothing.

          • JG40

            I love the name calling on this board, just a bunch of pre-pubes in their basements flexing on the keyboard. Warrior’s no different than Brock Lesnar when he came in. He was given wins over all the top talent, thinking HE was the NEXT BIG THING, the he went and RUINED IT, for whatever reason. Was he jacked? YES, Was he energetic? YES, WAS he talented in the ring? NO Does he have anything more than 2 matches anyone really remembers? NO Most of his matches were sloppy. Don’t confuse a flash in the pan as “longevity”. A 3 year run (IF THAT), doesn’t constitute a HoF career. But then again, the WWE HoF is a joke anyway, which is why this punchline is getting inducted.

          • Cowman777

            Yeah because you making a juvenile assumption that I live in the basement is no different right? Why you keep posting paragraphs stating nonsense that has nothing to do with reality? A majority of many people know who Warrior is and obviously Vince McMahon himself disagrees with your assessment that Warrior does not belong in the HOF so give it up already. You simply don’t like the guy and have a bias dislike towards him which is irrelevant from reality. Thats all. Obviously you are too idiotic to not realize how well known how popular he was so keep lying to yourself buddy it will be okay.

          • JG40

            No, I didn’t direct anything towards you, i simply made a generalization of the type of internet poster you come across as.

            Because WWE isn’t based in reality.

            Vince just wants money, if he really gave a s*** about having the Warrior in the HoF, he would have put the money up a while ago. He has simply put TOO MANY people into the Hall, and the well is running dry, so now he has to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Why not Savage, Rude or Roberts? Oh yeah, because Vince has a vendetta against one, one up until recently was phone call away from DOA, and one died of possible drug issues, so who the hell else is financially/morally viable???? I mean really? Considering putting the WMI main event in? Why? Simply to get Hogan, Piper and Mr. T to make appearances, and MONEY. IF he REALLY wanted to put a match in first, he should put Savage vs Steamboat in, THAT was a match worth remembering….oh, wait, that involves Macho Man, a guy much more renowned than the Warrior, and he’s not in there for some reason.

  • Jason Campolo

    i agree with u both he was a hogan knock off that couldn;t hold hogan’s jock strap