New Japan Files For Three Trademarks In United States, Inside The Ropes Announce Huge WM Show


According to, New Japan Pro Wrestling has applied for three new trademarks in the United States.

New Japan has filed for the following U.S: Strong Style, King of Sports, and Strong Style Evolved. All three have been applied for clothing purposes.

They are also applying ‘Strong Style Evolved’ for the following:

“Educational and instruction services relating to arts, crafts, sports or general knowledge; arranging, conducting and organization of seminars; arranging, conducting and organization of conferences, lecture meeting, workshops, symposiums; production of radio or television programs; Production of videotape film in the field of education, culture, entertainment or sports (not for movies or television programs and not for advertising or publicity); organization, arranging and conducting of sports competitions; organization, arranging and conducting of martial arts; booking of seats for show; presentation of live show performances; presentation of magic performances; direction or presentation of plays; presentation of musical performances”

Inside The Ropes Announce Huge WrestleMania Show

Inside The Ropes has announced a major show for WWE WrestleMania 34 weekend in New Orleans with none other than Paul Heyman.

The question and answer show will delve into Heyman’s career and get his thoughts on the current product and WrestleMania itself in an unscripted and unplanned evening of entertainment.

The event takes place on April 5 to kick off WrestleMania weekend at the Joy Theater, with doors opening at 8.30 pm. Tickets for the show will be available from Monday 5 February from 12 noon EST. There will also be a rare opportunity for a pre show meet and greet with Heyman himself as well.

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