NJPW Issues Statement On U.S. Visas Following Recent Controversial Events


New Japan Pro Wrestling has released an official statement regarding work Visas for their stars. Those Visas have been obtained, which means that now the company’s Japanese talents can work live events in the United States.

Fans will remember that New Japan did tour the states just over a month ago, with shows taking place in Los Angeles, Charlotte and Nashville.

But those shows did not feature Japanese stars, thanks to the government shutdown. That shutdown prevented New Japan from receiving work Visas in time for the events. The only Japanese wrestler to appear was The Great-O-Kharn, with the rest of the cards being filled by American stars from Ring of Honor and NJPW’s dojo in LA.

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The news of the work Visas comes just in time, as New Japan and ROH will come together for the G1 Supercard on April 6 in Madison Square Garden. It’s perhaps the biggest night ever for both companies, as the event takes place in WWE’s backyard and happens during WrestleMania weekend.