New John Cena T-Shirt Revealed, SmackDown Social Media Score

— WWE has released a new John Cena shirt that says “Even Stronger” on it. You can check it out below.

New John Cena T Shirt

– Friday’s SmackDown scored 58,200 in social media activity, which is even to the previous week. SmackDown ranked #2 in social media activity Friday night, trailing the deciding MLB Playoffs game between the Cardinals and Dodgers.

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  • allan

    Same crap t shirt

    • Josh Cervera

      pretty much the same “hot garbage” lol

  • Jerec Darkheart

    And just think are acconomy the way it is and wwe bleeding it even dryer,and all the retarded parents out there who will give in to their bawling brats and buy this hot new garb!

    • allan

      At least there supporting pro wrestling its nothing compared to all crap the media sells to kids that doing nothing for none but some suits