New Matches and More Announced for WWE’s SummerSlam PPV


– Here’s the updated card for WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view after tonight’s RAW:

WWE Title Match
Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena
Special Referee: Triple H

World Heavyweight Title Match
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

WWE United States Title Match (Kickoff Pre-show)
Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose

Ring of Fire Match
Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee and Big E Langston

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

Huge Spoiler on The Shield, New Rumor Revealed on HHH-Vince, More…

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  1. come on people don’t order the ppv!! they totally gave away the ending…..and Bryan won’t ever hold the title more than once, like Kane….just holds it for a few minutes, what a joke! after all Bryan has done for the business, they only give it to him for a few minutes? just like that 18 second loss.that’s crap. Triple H is the ref, Bryan wins, then the Shield takes out HHH then they take out Bryan, then Orton pins him…..oh yay! now that’s worth 55 bucks.they’re making a huge mistake here….

      • oh so magically Orton won’t cash in? and Bryan will keep the title? they wouldn’t be showing so much of Orton (who doesn’t have a match by the way) if he wasn’t going to cash in and win….its only logical sense. they’re going to have us waste our money again……..that’s all they ever do! its crap! I don’t get how you guys don’t see that! Its only about Cena and Orton in the WWE..thats it. not even Punk was relevant, because he was never the main event when he was champ, Cena was..and they’re doing the same thing to him that they’re going to do with Bryan….Vince can die!

    • Its 44 Junior and its about getting to be with abunch of friends once a month seeing really great matches making bets yeah you could be right but I doubt it. Plus the Shield got a little more to worry about then just the championship they got there own titles from RVD and what if they have a Tag team title match with Henry and Show. Yeah your good junior keep thinking.

        • No I already paid for it the only two that’s like that Royal Rumble and 80 For WM But the rest I got HD

          • ohhhhhhhh Where did you get that line Little sheep the Wyatt Family WoW. So cool. I suppose you haven’t opened your mind to what could happen naw its all predictable. Shoot I been a WWE/WWF fan since the 1980s I loved WCW, Tna NWA IWJP and also all the small companys. I am 35 and I been to over 150 shows.

          • Oh I know that Buddy I am a avid baseball, football, spend time with my nieces and nephews. I love my all types of music and I been to a lot of cities weather I wanted to be there or not I even planning to go to NY for to see the Statue of liberty. I been to D.C. and thought that was a killer place all the building very touching for are freedom. That is why I do enjoy this one fav pastime some go out and drink I don’t do that so wresting is like a great look into a great imagination to some. Which started watching with his grandma in a 12 inch screen and cheering when you saw your fav wrestler. Like Mic Foley has a Chistmas room Why cant we be Avid wrestling fans?

          • That’s fine they have a full roster a good rivals going against each other. You may love the Indy circuits more power to you. I think they are great to they are the future. But they aren’t there yet. They will make it there eventually a few of my friends didn’t. I have a few friends that might make the dance his ring name is Dr Melvin Winkleman, but some that went right away like Abyss, Chad “2 Badd” Allegra and they started in NWF but you can cut any Org. up but what I learned from Allan you may not like what you see but you don’t know what its going to be. How can you call there Product s*** is it because your a Cm Punk fan and that Cena not a Heel and he only has 13 moves. What is he supposed to have 50 moves he was a heel once WWE didn’t like it. So Why is WWE product I ask is S***. Oh ALLAN sorry for calling Tna crap.

          • no no no 2009-2011 was pure s*** the reign of the miz says it all there getting alot better got alot of really talented dudes. wwe will never be like it was cause its all been done already i really think like 40 percent on the show is crap and fillers im sooo sick of squash matches but 60 percent isnt too bad lol

          • You’re dead on about the Miz era being pure s***… I can’t stand the f***er, personally. He’s bad for TV and more obnoxious than anyone I know. BUT if the show is such crap to you, why f***’n bother even watching it? I’d say about 10% of it needs to be cut or re-worked and 90% of the show is worth my time. Man, if only 60% of the show is “not too bad” than you’re grading the show a D-, dude… WTF?!

          • I have no problem with any of the three wrestlers If Cena keeps the title cool if Bryan only holds it for a couple of seconds its not the first time it makes them interesting you the champ you need to bring your A Game all day if your the champ and if Orton comes down and cashes it in well that was his damn right when he won Money in the Bank! If he doesn’t it not didn’t save it look at Ziggler last year! Oh you easy forget about that. Many Endings can happen. Triple H could screw over Cena just to spite Vince and Vince could do the same. There is about 1000 Finishing endings that could happen. And we haven’t even added the Stephanie McMahon predictions. You don’t have the Bobby the Brain Heenan would have slaped you for not have thinking of all the ending that could happen.

          • yeah but the ending talked about the most is Orton cashing in…but then they said they were going to write him off tv until Summerslam due to them wanting it to be a surprise..if it happens now, it won’t be a surprise.

          • They had him wrestle tonite even if he showed up on Miz Tv it all head games that WWE wants us to think than if we think they will then they wont and the opposite. And over all I think Vince likes Cena a lot more than Bryan and HHH is A Bryan man because of Michaels and then Stephanie will help Orton win the title that’s how I see it. Stephanie will take out her Husband or her dad to try to end the argument of who should be the champ. I do see how you could feel it might be how WWE might be predictable but it could be excitable at the same time.

    • Okay, here’s my fear – that Orton comes to cash in the MITB in the middle of the Cena-Bryan match. That scenario has never happened before. I HOPE I AM WRONG, but I have to agree with Vollie here and fear that Orton is cashing in and Bryan’s gonna get screwed either with a minutes-long win over Cena, a loss, or an Orton win over Cena in the midst of a MITB match somehow. I HOPE I AM WRONG! I do think Vince McMahon will have some serious involvement in the match and collide with Triple H over whatever happens.

      • since Cena is taking time off, Orton and Bryan has to be the top feud for the rest of the summer into the fall… could even last all the way to wrestlemania…it looks like they’re taking the old Kurt Angle against the Corporation storyline and bringing it back only this time Bryan is Angle.

    • dont get ahead of yourself, considering cena is taking time off after summerslam who knows what bryans future holds.

  2. i dont see orton cashing in at summerslam cause it seems to be too set up and really its been done it death this way

    • yeah, the more i think of it, the less i think it could happen…too many people would be expecting it…they wouldn’t want to make something that obvious right? its their second biggest ppv of the want people to feel satisfied purchasing it.

      • ya i see another outcome now though since cena might be taking time off he might beat bryan and then orton cashes in on him starting a feuding with bryan after because bryan believes he could beat cena and orton took advantage of his hard work. who knows.


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