New Report Claims Nikki Bella Broke Off Her Engagement to John Cena, Details On Why She Made the Decision


As the fallout continues from this week’s bombshell announcement that John Cena and Nikki Bella have ended their relationship after six years, ending their engagement which took place in the ring at WrestleMania 33, Yahoo has provided more details on the power couple’s split.

The report notes it was actually Nikki Bella that decided to end the relationship as Cena was reportedly “making it abundantly clear that he was going into this gritting his teeth the whole way,” claims a source. “Nikki is an amazing, talented, strong, one-of-a-kind woman. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life — yet John acted more and more like he was doing her a favor by somehow conceding to go ahead and marry her.”

“[Nikki] doesn’t need a pity proposal, a pity wedding, a pity husband. She’s a phenomenal, tremendous woman,” the source says.

As we noted earlier today, via US Weekly, Cena is said to be “a mess” over the relationship ending, and despite earlier reports that Nikki is “heartbroken” and “devastated”, it appears as if she is in better shape than has been reported. “John is a mess” about the breakup, and while Bella isn’t happy, “she is not devastated,” claimed a source.

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