New Smackdown Women’s Champion Crowned At WWE TLC


Becky Lynch stans may be weeping tonight, but the “Empress of Tomorrow” is celebrating one of the greatest victories of her already sensational career.

Asuka defeated both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in an historic Tables, Ladders & Chairs match this Sunday night at WWE TLC, capturing the Smackdown Women’s Championship. This marks the Japanese phenom’s first title win on the WWE main roster, and her first title reign since recording the longest NXT Women’s Championship reign in history.

The match was a brutal affair, with all three ladies taking full advantage of the legal use of all kinds of weapons, from the standard tables, ladders and chairs, to the literal breaking of several kendo sticks. Asuka, however, did not win the title completely of her own accord.

Towards the end of the match, RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey made a surprise appearance, sending both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair flying off the top of a super-sized ladder. The so-called “baddest bitch on the planet” left them laying, turned her back and walked away as Asuka ascended a ladder to capture her brand new prize.

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Rousey wasn’t without motive, as Flair brutally assaulted her last month at Survivor Series, dropping her with a Natural Selection into a steel chair, before turning her bloody and bruised with a kendo stick. She has also been verbally sparring with Becky — aka “The Man” — for the last several weeks.