New Talent Debuting in TNA Soon, WWE Interested in AJ Styles?

– According to the latest issue for Figure Four Weekly, it is very unlike that AJ Styles will find his way in the WWE. There is believed to be little interest in the 36-year-old, with the publication noting that there is “far less interest in AJ from the WWE side than a normal, rational person would think.”

– According to PWInsider, some new and familiar faces could be joining TNA Wrestling as there has been talk within the company of new talent being brought in as well as past X Division stars.

Backstage News on a TNA Developmental Knockout Expected to Debut Soon…

  • Ralph Ramos

    AJ Styles is better off in TNA, where he is considered one of the elite, than in the WWE. That’s because in the WWE, he’d be just another R-Truth mid-carder that never really gets a push.

    • Rene Ramirez

      So true AJ will never be consider to the main event in the WWE an he makes it fun in TNA Hope Jarret is running the show soon

    • allan

      R you really comparing r truth to aj styles? R truth would be jobbing in TNA too

      • Ralph Ramos

        Why is that Allen? Because he’s black? That doesn’t mean s***. If you can take off the blinders for a second Allen, you’ll see that both are comparable in talent. However, in this case, it doesn’t matter because Styles would be another R-Truth.

  • Mike Arienti

    WWE had Styles after they purchased WCW. They sent him to HWA for further training and released him shortly after. He joined TNA when the Jarretts started it months later and has been there since.

  • Louisa Baton

    WWE when it was WWF use to take people that were mid-card to good and make them superstars. Kevin, Steve, and Eddie Guerrero blew up when they left WCW because back then WWF was run by Vince and he knew how to turn a trick. (So to speak lol) I remember when he came out with the announcement that he was going to change WWF and make it more edgy because it was losing ground to WCW. He did it and did it well but now HHH is running things and hasn’t come into his own style as of yet. He’s trying but he’ll need time. It does well because it goes everywhere and people all over the world can see it. It would do better if they would hire talented trainers. Make fun of Al Snow all you want but at least people like him and the people he trains.

  • Arun

    AJ Styles makes his WWE Debut wood be cool