New WWE DVD on The Ultimate Warrior Confirmed for 2014


– reports that WWE has just added a three-disc DVD and two-disc Blu-ray set on The Ultimate Warrior to their 2014 schedule. It is listed as a match compilation and there’s no word yet if Warrior himself will be involved but it is possible with Warrior’s Vince McMahon meeting during SummerSlam weekend and his involvement in WWE 2K14.

It was reported earlier this month that one or more possible 2014 WWE DVD titles were “pending Superstar involvement” and this may be one of those.

The new Warrior DVD set is expected to be released in April, which adds to speculation that WWE may induct him into the Hall of Fame next year.

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  1. Big effing woop! Another lame over edited video with messed up sounding chopped up commentary and overdubbed ring entrance music. It’s like buying a pay-per-view where no belts change hands. Leaves you feeling ripped off.

  2. Three discs. I don’t recall a lot of Ultimate Warrior matches being that long. Hopefully they’ll put footage from his days in Memphis, Dallas, and the UWF.


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