New WWE Tag Team and Their Mascot Debut on Tonight’s RAW

– The tag team of Los Matadores, formerly known as Primo and Epico, made their debut on tonight’s WWE RAW. Their new names are Fernando and Diego. Their bull mascot, El Torito, is a mini wrestler from Mexico formerly known as Mascarita Dorada.

They defeated Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. Here is a photo from their debut:

raw photos 0235

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  • Rene Ramirez

    3 good talents being make into clowns wat a shame Primo an Epico are good wrestlers an Mascarita Sagrada one of the best mini wrestlers in Mexico reduce to this WWE doesn’t have respect for the mexican or latino culture MEXICANS WRESTLERS HAVE THE BEST HART IN WRESTLING an WWE is destroying and humiliating this culture

    • raul cruz

      Actually it is Mascarita Dorada that played Torito. As for Mascarita Sagrada the original one died in very unfortunate and embarrasing circumstances, when he and another fellow midget wrestler met some “ladies of the night”. Sadly these women of profit were members of a gang called Las Goteras or the Tear Drop Girls, named because they would use tear drop dispensers to administer knock out drops in the drinks of their “johns” and when the men would fall asleep they would steal whatever they had of value. Sadly the women administered the same dosage to the midget wrestlers, not knowing the same dose would actually be lethal to the diminutive wrestlers. The police ultimately dictated that the deaths were accidental and no intent to kill the wrestlers actually existed. The girls were caught and made a big showing of their arrest, putting on their best dresses and make up for when the police booked them and the press was there to plaster them all over tv.

      • Rene Ramirez

        Still a shame here Mascarita did great anyway

    • allan

      Reduced. I’m sure he has a choice and primo and epic are great wrestlers but there trying to repackage them to help them.

  • RynoTiger

    As most probably predicted when the Los Matadores spots first started to air, the crowd had little to no reaction or reception for this conception. The match itself was boring and featured only one different move. The mascot was more interesting than the wrestlers. I’ll give Los Matadores 1 month before they’re repackaged.

    • raul cruz

      Vince will keep them around. He seems to enjoy making Mexican Lucha Libre look like something ridiculous. It’s a shame that most Americans think this is what Lucha Libre is actually like. If they would have tuned in to the live CMLL webfeed of their 80th anniversary event they would have seen a spectacular main event in which Sombra defeated Volador Jr to take his mask. They wrestled over thirty minutes with plenty of daring high spots that would make any X-division fan drool puddles. If Volador Jr did in fact drop his mask because he is about to sign with WWE one has to wonder if he is having serious second thoughts at this point. [As well he should!]

      • Rene Ramirez

        Hope he stays in Mexico Vince need to change his outlook on Mexican Wrestling.

        • raul cruz

          It won’t happen. His father respected Latino wrestlers, featuring Mil Mascaras and Pedro Morales. Vince Jr did away with most ethnic wrestlers when he took over, not just latinos. Anyone remember that Tony Atlas and Ivan Putski were major WWWF stars before Vince Jr banished them into obscurity? Vince Jr then seemed to make it a habit to make lucha libre look like something ridiculous, particularly when it came to Los Conquistadores.

      • allan

        Sincara made himself look ridiculous

        • raul cruz

          How so? All he did was do what WWE told him to do, until finally he just stopped giving a damn and called a match off due to a minir injury. Yes Sin Cara bears the brunt of the blame for what happened in his last WWE appearance but he did try to make it work early on.

  • Jay

    Ole I loved it

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    I knew the gimmick would be dumb but I had no idea how. A midget in a bull suit, waste of money WWE………… Of course now I’m going to be called a racist again just because I think the gimmicks gay

    • Rene Ramirez

      Not by me Matt it was the stupidist gimmick ever

  • fmdof

    I was excited to see the Colon’s back on TV. Now, I am not.

  • Mike Arienti

    This is the same stupidity that killed Tito Santana’s WWF (yes, WWF!) career.

    • allan

      Cause primo and epico were doing so good b4 this

  • Armando Barrera

    Los Matadores gimmick sucks