New X-Division Champion Crowned At IMPACT Wrestling ‘Emergence’


Rohit Raju may be the smartest man in all of IMPACT Wrestling, as the so-called “Desi Hitman” brought his master plan full circle this evening at IMPACT Emergence to win the X-Division Championship for the very first time.

Raju, who started 2020 by breaking away from the Desi Hit Squad, has seemingly been setting up the pieces for this shakeup for several weeks. It started when he approached now-former champion Chris Bey in his locker room backstage, offering to watch his back and lend support where needed.

The next step was to convince the veteran high-flyer TJP to return to the X-Division, sweetening the deal with the promise of a title opportunity. He and Bey even lost a tag team match to TJP and his partner Fallah Bahh on IMPACT Wrestling.

With all the dominoes in place, all Rohit had to do was convince Bey to put him in the title match as a way to counteract a ringside Fallah Bahh – or at least, that was his excuse.

The opening contest at tonight’s IMPACT Emergence special saw TJP dominate a majority of the action, shaking off numerous double-team attacks. On more than one occasion, he had actually trapped both men in simultaneous submission holds.

Eventually the numbers game would catch up to the challenger, and Bey seemed poised to retain the belt, perched high atop the top turnbuckle. And that’s when the “Desi Hitman” struck, dropping Bey with a hanging double foot stomp straight to the heart, scoring the three-count and winning the X-Division title.

Rohit Raju, who also wrestles on the independents as Hakim Zane, made his professional debut in 2009, and has been with IMPACT/TNA for the last four years. This is his first title with the promotion.