News for Tonight’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

– The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place tonight from a sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City. The ceremony begins at 8pm and we will have full coverage here on the site as it happens.

Here is the full list of inductees for tonight:

* Bruno Sammartino, inducted by Arnold Schwarzenneger

* Mick Foley, inducted by Terry Funk

* Trish Stratus, inducted by Stephanie McMahon

* Booker T, inducted by Stevie Ray

* Bob Backlund, inducted by Maria Menounos

* Donald Trump, inducted by Vince McMahon

It’s worth noting that WWE is advertising John Cena for tonight’s ceremony, the only star besides the Hall of Famers.

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  • The huntress in the night

    What massively sucks is no live stream this year of the HOF.

  • tom martinez

    Leave a message…what also sucks is the greatest h.o.f. class gets represented at the WORSE wm card of ALL time!!! big e langston and fandumbo got a match but kofi doesn’t.miz is wrestling the pre show.who made up this card.vince deserves to fail for failing the wwe ‘universe’ pretty soon that universe will consist of two or three redneck states. i hope it pour down thunderstorrms of rain.big e langston? are u kiddin me? what a joke!!!

  • The Rated Republican Superstar

    @tom_martinez:disqus The blue areas you come from are notorious for racism and keeping minorities down with left wing socialist policies, especially in the inner cities of America