News From Day 5 of CM Punk vs Chris Amann Trial: Texts with WWE Stars Revealed, AJ Lee Testifies, Punk’s ‘Lump’


Day Five of the CM Punk vs WWE Doctor Chris Amann trial is currently taking place in Cook County, Illinois, and Steve Muehlhausen of has posted several noted the morning proceedings before the lunch break. Below are some highlights, and you can read the full report at this link.

  • Punk looks to be fantastic shape, well-rested and in a jovial mode five days before his return to the octagon at UFC 225 against Mike Jackson.
  • Punk admits he “unfortunately” didn’t take photos of the lump.
  • Punk says he never told anyone in WWE about the lump except Amann.
  • The attorney starts to get argumentative with Punk in regards to when he first noticed the lump. Punk says he noticed it in October, November but could have been September as well.
  • Punk starts getting annoyed with the questions concerning the statements in reference to who “Doc” is in which one gave him a Z-Pack. Punk says both Dr. Samson and Dr. Amann.
  • A text exchange on Dec. 1, 2014 between Punk, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins is brought up. Ryder asks Punk if he heard from Kane because the latter had a bump near the area Punk had his at. Punk tells Ryder his staph was the size of a golf ball.
  • Punk gives an emphatic ‘NO” when asked if the lump first appeared after the Royal Rumble. Amann’s jaw dropped.
  • Punk’s wife, April Mendez-Brooks takes the stand.
  • Mendez-Brooks said she first noticed the lump in Aug. 2013 when they were intimate. She said it looked like the size of a knuckle. She didn’t say nothing at first because they hadn’t been dating long.
  • Mendez-Brooks said Punk told Amann to cut the lump off now. Amann told him to wait after the match because you don’t want an open wound o get infected.
  • Mendez-Brooks said she told Punk in a text exchange to not stab the lump and let her bring him to her doctor. She said he didn’t stab it because she checked it herself which draw a chuckle from the jury.
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