News On the Impact Contract Statuses of Alberto El Patron, Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards, Is There WWE Interest in Drake?


According to, with the influx of talents recently entering and exiting Impact Wrestling, the next big contract to keep an eye on is that of Alberto El Patron.

Patron’s Impact deal is set to expire in April, and both Patron and Impact officials are currently in contract negotiations, something Impact hopes will result in the company retaining the former WWE star beyond April.

In other Impact Wrestling contract news, Eddie Edwards recently signed a new deal with the company, meaning he is sticking around for the foreseeable future.

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As for Eli Drake, another top Impact Wrestling talent, he revealed on a recent episode of The Impact Lounge podcast that his deal with the company expires on May 31st.

On the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated on Eli Drake’s future, and when asked if there has been any WWE interest in Drake Meltzer had the following to say:

“[Eli Drake was in WWE] before. He’s a good talker. I don’t know where he fits in though. They have so many guys…I think EC3 because he had the exposure, for years [in Impact]when they were actually getting viewers…that when he arrived [in WWE]there was interest in him…and he’s a really good talker. Drake’s a good talker but he hasn’t been viewed by as many people. And for the most part, NXT is more about being able to have good matches. If I’m running NXT, I don’t know about Eli Drake. I don’t know that he fits in. I haven’t heard his name mentioned at all. It wouldn’t be a high priority over other guys.”