News on a Rumored HOF Induction for nWo, Show & Andre Note, More


– Below are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* March 28th in Raleigh, NC drew 7,500 fans
* March 29th in Charlottesville, VA drew 7,000 fans
* March 30th in Norfolk, VA drew 7,200 fans
* March 31st for RAW in Washington, DC drew a sellout of 12,500 fans, announced as 15,288

– In this week’s RAW Fallout video, it appeared Big Show wanted to correct Roddy Piper when Piper was talking about Show’s relationship with Andre the Giant. It turns out Show never met Andre and wasn’t even in the pro wrestling business until after Andre died. Show tried to nicely correct Piper but Piper kept going.

– Sources have confirmed that the decision to induct Razor Ramon this year is because of the plans for an nWo induction where Scott Hall would be inducted under that name. The idea of inducting Diesel and later inducting him as Kevin Nash has also been proposed.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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      • Yeah that’s true but 4 scott hall it seems stupid lol. How long was he razor ramon? 5 years? 2 induct him i feel like since he was never the wwe champion u kinda have 2 put n his whole career 2 say he was hall of fame worthy. Look at the hof video they did 4 him. Doesnt feel big enough 2 go n the hof just as razor. Woulda made more sense 2 go n as scott hall

        • from the way it sounds, scott hall’s gonna be inducted w/ the nWo. if u look back durin’ his time as razor ramon, he had some big matches. he was in the 1st ladder match against shawn michaels for the ic title. hell, they battled over that championship quite a few times.

          • He was an all around great performer no doubt. It just makes more sense 2 have his whole career instead of just razor. Like mr perfect. He spent time n awa and wcw as curt hennig. His whole career has 2 go. Not just his gimmick. N i think if my memory serves correct he went n as just mr perfect right?

  1. Razor was one of the ONLY saving graces about wwf (new generation) at that time. That ‘era’ was s***, but Razor was started just before it – at the tail end of hulkamania (which ends at KOTR 93)… It’s really a split decision cuz to just induct the nWo is kind of silly cuz the individuals don’t get the respect they deserve but the faction was important and revolutionary (we’d have no A/E if not for the nWo and ONCE AGAIN Hulk Hogan was at the front of the 2nd sports entertainment revolution. Suck on it Stone Cold! lol) but to induct him as Scott Hall is basically inducting a drunken jack-ass as opposed to a beloved character in Razor Ramon. It’s a little silly these double inductions but then again the whole HOF is silly to begin with. No actual building and the celebrity wing is mostly an embarrassment. Not to mention all the people left out before Koko B. Ware…


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