News on AJ Styles’ Next TNA World Heavyweight Title Defense


AJ Styles, Jay Bradley and Rob Terry have been announced for The Great Muta’s Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan for their November 16th event.

Styles is scheduled to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship title against Seiya Sanada.

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  1. With TNA parting ways with OVW, this will give people who’d been in OVW a chance to be sent to W-1. Bradley and Terry will learn a lot from the Japanese style and the way the Japanese fans are. Styles is the right guy to keep the rogue champion story going while TNA holds their tournament.

    • Terry won’t learn s***. The Dudley’s said he was a horrible student. And it took him a long time to get this far. Jay Bradley is awesome though..boomstick!!!


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