News on The WWE Championship Title Match at Battleground


That plan as of Thursday was for Randy Orton’s match against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship to headline Sunday’s Battleground pay-per-view. The match is expected to start at approximately 10:25 PM ET, which would allow the match to go on for around 30 minutes.

WWE has been building a finish to the bout where either The Big Show ends up leading to Bryan winning the title, or swerves and costs Bryan the title.

EXCLUSIVE: WWE Battleground Predictions….


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  1. Gee a screwjob ending? How original. That’s reason number one why I don’t get their PPV’s. Most of the time the main event is a run in or a dq. Here’s an idea, Have a long feud where the belt changes hand once or twice and NO interference or other nonsense.

    • then that would then make WWE “wrestling” instead of “Sports Entertainment”…nahhhh Smart Ideas like that don’t work..Didn’t the WWE title change hands like 4/5 times in a 6 month span back in ’11???


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