News on Triple H vs. Big Show, Backstage Fallout from Raw, More

– Embedded below is this week’s Raw Backstage Fallout.

– WWE is keeping their distance between Shawn Michaels and Triple H so that it’s a bigger moment when they come face to face.

– Triple H vs. Big Show is being discussed for the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

EXCLUSIVE: Submission Corner: Seth Rollins….


  • alexx52

    Triple H is becoming another Hulk Hogan. He does not know when to call it quits. How many times has he actually retired form the active ring?

    • Negatist

      Who cares… he’s far over-rated…

    • Carter Williams

      Triple H to the best of my memory has never actually said he’s retired. Though I guess he kind of gave a retirement speech after last years SummerSlam loss to Lesnar but I don’t think he actually said he was done for good. He just kind of goes away for awhile and then comes back. Unlike Flair and Hogan who say they are “retiring” and then a few months later, a year tops, they are back at it again.

      • allan

        Hhh is awesome his wellness center and the new nxt which is like the best show wwe has is all his idea he’s knows this business well and hasn’t fought for the title in years its all about what’s best for business lol not him

        • Negatist

          A mark for Triple H… how pathetic…

          • RhodyPhil66

            This whole good for business angle sucks and it has been done one too many times. This is the 2nd time Stephanie & HHH have played this angle they did it when DX were heels and in there prime.

    • allan

      None. Hogan is like 60… Hhh is like 44 and in great shape, he’s never retired dude he just doesn’t wrestle much cause he’s got another job running the co pang which BTW he’s been doing a great job and I hardly think facing show is stealing the spot light lol Mr McMahon use to make himself wwe and ECW champ in his 50s so seriously find something else to whine about bro

      • Negatist

        What the f*** is a “co pang”? Or is this just a typo from hell…. Triple H is highly over-rated, kinda like your remarks are highly unwanted here.

  • Robert Medina

    You are either a Wrestler or COO. You cannot be both. The company needs to make up their mind. the last time we saw HHH in the ring, Brock Lesnar beat his a** and broke his arm. The Big Show will knock his head off, probably.

  • Rene Ramirez

    HHH always wants to be in the spotlight, He is always putting down all the good talents like Cena does. He should stay behind the behind the in creative and talent that is were he good at. Know here the thing its not HHH running the show is Stephanie that is running the show or wearing the pants in the family here.