News on When Matt Hardy’s WWE Contract Expires & Hangups in Negotiations


Matt Hardy’s current WWE contract is set to expire in February 2020, reports

The two sides have been in negotiation on a new deal, and Hardy returned to television this past week on Monday Night Raw, putting over for Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy in a quick match.

The current hangup reportedly has little to do with money, and is more about creative. Hardy is 45-years-old and has spent nearly three decades in the business, taking some absurd bumps along the way.

PWInsider notes that his next contract may end up being the last one he signs with a major promotion as an active wrestlers. Since coming back the Hardy Boyz as a team have had some big moments and even won the tag team titles multiple times, but there was rarely consistency in any of his pushes and his attempt to bring the “Broken” universe to WWE was never given a serious chance to succeed.

For what it’s worth, when we talked to Impact Wrestling EVP Scott D’Amore in October, he stated that the door was always open for Matt to return to the company, and would “be happy to work or collaborate with Matt on anything, whether it is him in the wrestling ring, or whether it’s him behind-the-scenes.”