NFL Star & CM Punk’s Twitter War Continues

The war between NFL star Shawne Merriman and CM Punk resumed on Twitter.

Responding to a fan asking about a Merriman vs. Punk match at WrestleMania, Merriman replied, “I wouldn’t waste my fist.”

This followed an earlier tweet about Raw coming to Washington, D.C. on April 1, which is the Raw before Mania. “Did I hear @wwe raw coming to Dc? I’m going to need some tickets in my possession,” wrote Merriman.

Back in 2011 and 2012, Punk and Merriman “feuded” on Twitter after Punk called out Merriman for flirting with WWE Divas.

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  • Apollo62

    In a real fight.. Merriman would get embarrassed. Actually, he is an embarrassment to men everywhere.

    • Merriman would slaughter Punk

      • Apollo62

        Are you kidding? Do you really think any NFL player would stand a chance against a pro wrestler. Just think about it for a minute (that might be hard for you Craig); these Pro Wrestlers know how NOT to hurt someone, which means they know HOW to hurt someone. Pro Wrestlers are in better shape than any other athlete in the world (other than maybe Rugby players). Merriman has other people fight his battles for him. He wouldn’t stand a chance against the smallest of wrestlers. Dude.. reality sucks, but you should check into it.

        • silksoul

          Just so I can be clear, because Punk is a pro wrestler and knows how not to hurt someone translates into a real life altercation? So because Merriman is a football player, who by the way is from the streets and I guarantee he can severely throw hands, wouldn’t be able to handle Punk? Is that what you’re saying? Not knowing how to hurt someone in the ring has nothing to do with being able to hurt someone for real. You can botch a move and kill someone in the ring, they learn how to take bumps and give them, that’s not the same as a person who has their hands licensed as a weapon and holding back. There are also plenty of athletes who do martial arts, has a amateur wrestling background etc.. Know what a person is about before making an uninformed comment. I know you have a man crush on Punk, but be sensible. Pro Wrestlers in better shape than any other athlete besides Rugby? Are you from Minnesota or something? That’s the dumbest remark I’ve heard. Tennis players, basketball players football players, swimmers are all more athletic. They wrestle a match 10 – 15 minutes tops when they go to the mat that’s their time to recuperate, do you know how much stamina and strength it takes to run up and down a damn football field for an hour and a half, or run back and forth on a tennis court swatting a ball, for over an hour, running up and down a basketball court for close to 2 hours and don’t get me started on swimmers cause their athleticism is off the charts? Are you serious man? Get off punks sack and come back down to earth. If you would’ve said this about the beef with him and Chris Brown I might have agreed with you cause Chris is a chump, but you’re smoking the good stuff if you think Punk can handle Merriman, he would destroy Punk without breaking a sweat.

          • Apollo62

            hey silk.. you really know the streets don’t you? “throw hands”? Dude… Shawn Merriman is a bytch. Pure and simple.. Maybe he did come from the streets. but all that makes him is a “Street Bytch”. And yes, I’ve met the ass clown. He’s a Roid’d up freak that would probably fit in the Pro Wrestling world except he doesn’t want to get hurt. His thought process is that he plays defense so he only gives out the pain. By your definition, all pro football players are bad asses. They are not. Merriman has always got a posse around to help him out. When he doesn’t, he’s quite as a church mouse. As far as the rest of the garbage you wrote.. it’s just that. Garbage. You have never been to an indy promotion have you? 30 – 40 min match’s. Every match. I couldn’t read everything you wrote, because it was extremely stupid.