Nia Jax Claims She Is Team Raw, Charlotte Flair Comments On WWE Universe, Chris Jericho Praises WWE


After being the sole survivor for the WWE Raw last night, Nia Jax has claimed she is Raw, continuing to call herself the facebreaker.

Jax tweeted out that she took out the champion in one punch and at Survivor Series she took out the entire team as she is the facebreaker, history maker and sole survivor. She then thanked California for the love as the fans made their feelings toward her clear throughout the night.

Charlotte Flair Comments On WWE Universe

Another superstar who suffered the wrath of the WWE Universe was Charlotte Flair who turned heel last night during WWE Survivor Series, tweeting “boo the woo? Screw you.”

Chris Jericho Praises WWE

WWE legend, Chris Jericho praised WWE last night for making women’s wrestling the hottest thing in WWE, asking who is going to be headlining WrestleMania.