Nia Jax Promises Payback On Tamina Snuka, Brie Bella Claims Ronda Rousey Will Never Hurt Her


Following her surprise return to WWE Raw last night, Tamina Snuka seems to have made an immediate impact and Nia Jax has promised payback.

Nia Jax tweeted that she was happy to see Tamina make her return to action after her injury, but then added that she hopes she is ready for some payback after their altercation on WWE Raw last night.

Both women are set to take part in the battle royal at WWE Evolution and will seemingly be early favorites due to their size and power.

Brie Bella Claims Ronda Rousey Won’t Hurt Her

After their WWE Raw segment last night which included a fantastic Ronda Rousey promo, Brie Bella has taken a shot at the Raw Women’s on Instagram. Brie claimed that sticks and stones might break her bones, but Ronda Rousey will never hurt her.

Becky Lynch Ready To Cross Lines

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion stated that for years there were lines that she wasn’t willing to cross in order to become the champion, however, now there is no line she won’t cross to keep the title.