Nick Aldis On How His NWA Role Has Changed & Telling Detailed Stories With NWA


Nick Aldis recently spoke with ahead of his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match against Mike Bennett.

The two men will go one on one tonight for the 10 Pounds of Gold, and Nick spoke about how personal stories such as Bennett’s work brilliantly for NWA, as the company previously has done with Tim Storm and himself.

“So for example, this first one, we’re going ahead with myself and Mike Bennett in the main event,” Aldis said. “We felt like Mike had an interesting story to tell, and that’s really what we’ve always tried to do in the space to make ourselves different is to pick the guys that we feel have the unique story to tell and tell it in a way that other shows are not always able to do because they’ve got to try to fit so many guys into so many segments with a set schedule. We don’t have that.

“We have the ability to kind of luxuriate on a story like we did with Tim Storm or with me or with other people that we’ve worked with, and and that’s proven to be the way that’s been successful for us because ultimately, people gotta care about you before they pay to see you or before they watch your show. If we would have come right out of the blocks with Powerrr, the show still would have received an amount of critical acclaim because of the quality and the production and the uniqueness of it compared to all the other stuff being done, but it wouldn’t have had the same impact because they wouldn’t have cared about the key characters, they would have cared about me, Tim, you know Camille and later on in Thunder Rosa and other people that we’ve been able to kind of build off of that.”

Nick Aldis also spoke about how his role within the company has changed after David Lagana was let go following sexual allegations made against him.

“I was heavily involved anyway. I don’t think that’s any secret,” Aldis noted. “The only that I’ve taken more of an active role in since David’s departure is some of the actual physical production of stuff simply because we’ve defined a certain style for ourselves, and we sort of realized in our period of inactivity that it was going to take just as long again to find somebody with the skill set but then also to kind of get them up to speed on how we tell the story because previously, the relationship was basically a lot of it, I would describe in my mind’s eye. What I could see and then David would put it into action.

“Now, I’m certainly not doing it alone, but I’ve taken more of an active role in that. The NWA was never one person. We had some incredible production talent working on Powerrr and working on post-production like Karen Tran, Billy Trask, Dan Schram and Ary Dalton. A lot of it is just sort of piecing together the input from different people, and obviously, it’s all overseen by Billy. Billy has the final say on everything. Billy’s the overriding kind of creative vision.”