Nikki Bella On Training For Ronda Rousey, Saving Her Best Performance For Evolution, Wanting To Change Wrestling


Ready For Ronda?

– The Bella Sisters recently spoke with Refinery29 to help promote the upcoming WWE Evolution pay-per-view on October 28th, check out the highlights below:

On wanting change and what Evolution represents:

“I’ve been with the company for almost 12 years and, since day one, I’ve wanted a change for the women here, … [Evolution] represents the barriers that we’ve broken together as women. It’s the perfect time to have a comeback.”

On her extensive training and upcoming match with RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey:

“I literally feel as if I’m training for the Olympics. … I need to move differently. I need to work differently. … I’m ready to give my absolute best performance at Evolution.”

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On working with her sister Brie:

“I consider myself very lucky that, not only do I have a twin sister, but I get to work with her. She supports me the most. She gives me the honest truth.”

On wanting the era of “firsts” to come to an end:

“I’m looking forward to the day that it isn’t about women making history,”