Nikki Bella Reveals A Story Involving John Cena That Was Removed From Her Memoir


The Bella Twins’ new memoir has proven to be incredibly popular, making the WWE legends New York Times best selling authors. It takes a look in detail at the lives of both Nikki and Brie in and outside of the ring.

Of course, as with any memoir, not every story ends up in the printed version of the book and Nikki Bella did recently reveal that both WWE and John Cena had editing rights for the book.

During an appearance on Better Together w/Maria Menounos, Nikki revealed that Cena did cut a few things out, but it was nothing major that was negative about their relationship. In fact, one story he took out was a sex story that Nikki claimed would have made Cena look great!

“With John though, there wasn’t even anything bad written…It was more beautiful things that were taken out. There was one sex story that I understood. It was great for him! I was kinda like, don’t you want high fives on that!?…We were wild, and he was strong…so it was a great story,” Cena said. (H/T to for the transcription.)