Nikki Cross Discusses Teaming With Alexa Bliss


During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Nikki Cross revealed how her tag team run with Alexa Bliss ended up coming about.

Cross revealed that life imitated art when it came to the pair working together on-screen as they started travelling together and getting closer as friends in reality.

“It just started off with us getting coffee together, then driving together and travelling together and just basically being on the road together,” said Cross. “The story’s start was very much what you saw on screen to a little extent, the way we kind of met and then there were different layers to the friendship and different layers to the relationship explored on television. It was kinda what was basically happening in real life was us coming together and then working together and getting to know each other and getting to find out little things about each other. Basically life imitated art and art imitated life there.”

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