Nikki Cross Reflects On Her Time With SAnitY: “I Was Very Fortunate”


WWE SmackDown Superstar, Nikki Cross recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT where she reflected on her run with SAnitY in WWE NXT.

Nikki was a vital part of the group during its successful run as part of the black and yellow brand, but she wasn’t moved to the main roster with the trio when they went.

Instead, Nikki Cross was kept in NXT for a little bit longer and then moved as a singles wrestler while SAnitY ended up breaking up, with all of them now doing their own things on completely separate rosters.

“With Sanity, I was very fortunate and blessed to be in a position we were in NXT, I was learning from these amazing talents. I was surrounded by such amazing knowledge and they are professionals and they taught me a lot about wrestling on television. What you saw on-screen was how I felt off-screen. The bond that the team had was so much more…we were in it together and fighting together and wanted opportunities and wanted to make the most of the opportunities. All four of us are very driven and ambitious people. It would have been wonderful to see what could have been, but at the same time everything happens for a reason. And no matter what happens, all four of us will always make the most of every opportunity. We’ve done different paths to that. But we have these great memories in NXT that I treasure. For me, I can look at it and have a lot of fond memories. When things don’t work out the way you think they may work out, I think it can be a huge motivator and place a chip on your shoulder, which is a good thing. It almost makes you more determined,” she said.

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