NJPW Concussion Protocol Could Prevent Daniel Bryan From Signing With Them


After several months of trying to get cleared for a return, Daniel Bryan decided to retire from professional wrestling in February of last year due to concussion issues. Since then, he’s pretty much said that he plans on wrestling again once his WWE contract comes to an end, and he’ll probably have to leave his current employer to do so.

Most people are predicting a return to New Japan Pro Wrestling for Daniel Bryan if he leaves WWE next year, but on Saturday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about NJPW’s concussion protocol, which is essentially the same as WWE’s.

“If you have a concussion [in New Japan]it’s the same thing: they keep you out, there’s no questions asked, and they don’t put you back in until you pass the testing. Now, do they have the same stuff as they do here? Our stuff, we use the stuff that Joseph Maroon did with the impact testing, and whatever they do [in Japan]is probably the same. But when guys have concussions in Japan they’re usually out for a while.”