NJPW Destruction in Kobe Results (9/23): Tanahashi Defends His Briefcase Against Okada, Kushida vs Bushi

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NJPW Destruction in Kobe
September 23, 2018
Kobe World Hall, Hyogo, Japan



I love Young Lion singles matches. There’s something so completely selfless about their in-ring work. Sure, these two guys beat the absolute stuffing out of each other for ten minutes, but both guys also sold their butts off for every single move, no matter how small. Here, they played up that every time these two have faced off it’s gone to a time-limit draw, so as the match went on the ringside announcer would count down – five minutes remaining; three minutes remaining; one minute; thirty seconds, etc. Tsuji hit a beautiful dropkick with about ten on the clock, locked in a Boston Crab that Uemura sold like he was being tortured, but the bell rang to signal a draw before he tapped out. This was basically the most you could ever ask for out of Young Lions match.

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So here we have two more Young Lions just about ready to go on excursion, taking on the two most recent success stories of the Dojo, about to celebrate their one-year anniversary as full-fledged roster members. Another sold match, with the two-time tag champs letting their opponents get a ton of offense in. Again, there’s a level of selflessness with some of these guys you just don’t see anywhere else. In the end, Shota fired up and tried to fight off both guys, but got clobbered by a pair of stereo knee strikes. Ren nearly snuck out a win with a bunch of close pinning combinations, but got caught with a superkick and a Falcon Arrow from SHO, who scored the win.

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