NJPW Dominion Results (7/12): Naito vs EVIL, Double IWGP Title Defense


Welcome to our live coverage of Dominion, traditionally New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s second biggest annual event. You can watch the show live on NJPW World and on-demand, and feel free to give us a follow on Twitter @prowrestlingcom and join the discussion!

NJPW Dominion Results
July 12, 2020
Osaka, Japan

The Japanese announce team welcomes us to Osaka-jo Hall and tonight’s card is read from bottom to top. There are fans packed to the rafters in all directions. New Japan was able to sell tickets for one-third of the venue’s max capacity, and everyone is spaced out and looks to be following proper social distancing.

Opening Match: Gabriel Kidd, Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe vs. Ryusuke Taguchi, Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima

Kidd wants to start the show, and locks up with Taguchi in the center of the ring. They trade hold-for-hold and end up on the mat, jockeying for position until rolling into the ropes. Taguchi slaps on a headlock and takes him back to the mat, but Kidd pops up and once again goes hold-for-hold, counter-for-counter. The vet gives him a show of respect, before Kojima and Honma tag in to drastically change the style.

They collide with back and forth shoulder tackles. Honma delivers a thudding body slam and tries for the Kokeshi headbutt, but of course crashes and burns. In comes Nagata, who puts the boots to Honma in the corner and slows things down for a bit. Into the headlock we go.

Eventually Kojima tags back in and continues to doll out punishment in the corner with rapid fire chops. Honma turns the tides and gives him chop after chop. It must have been 20-25 chops by the time he was done, and Kojima’s face was pure stone. Zero reaction. He gave another dozen chops back and tossed Honma overhead with a big back body drop. In comes Taguchi, who spends way too much time posturing. Honma catches him and actually hits the Kokeshi on the second try.

Makabe gets the hot tag, coming in for the first time. He runs the ropes and delivers repeated lariats in the corner to Taguchi. Shoulder tackle. Northern Lights suplex. He hits the ropes looking for the lariat, but Taguchi ducks it and hits a flying hip attack. Blue Justice makes the tag! Nagata traps Makabe with an exploder suplex, but the big man is RIGHT back to his feet to deliver a suplex of his own. Wow!

Kidd tags in and tries to get Nagata up for a suplex, but is trapped in an armbar. All six men end up brawling all over the ring, as the ref loses total control. They run a train of splashes on Nagata in the corner, and Kidd locks in a Boston Crab, but the others make the save.

Nagata fires up and begins to trade forearm shots, yelling at the Young Lion to give him more. Kidd slaps him across the face, so Nagata cranks up the speed coming off the ropes and murders him with a big boot. A second big boot. Running lariat. The Nagata Lock II is applied, and this one is over.

Winners: Ryusuke Taguchi, Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima


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