NJPW Dominion Results (6/9): Okada vs Omega IV, Naito vs Jericho, Ospreay Defends, Young Bucks Challenge & More

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Yano foolishly tried to start things out and got twisted into a pretzel by ZSJ. Suzuki tagged in and did the exact same thing, but Yano sold it like he was being legitimately tortured. Ishii eventually got the tag and did the usual back and forth with Suzuki, trading about two dozen forearm shots until they could barely stand. They both connected with rolling elbows and knocked each other out, making the hot tags to their partners. Yano tried to remove the turnbuckle pad and do his usual comedy shtick, but Sabre easily took him to the mat and continued breaking his arm and wrist. Ishii tried to make the save but got caught in a submission as well, and Yano was forced to tap out.

Winners: Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr. 

After the match Minoru ran up the ramp and attacked Ishii as he was trying to leave. The two brawled around ringside and Young Lions went flying, as people tried to break them up. They both got steel chairs and started jousting with them, but it was Minoru who got the upper hand, blasting Ishii across the back. They fought to the outside and started trading slaps, that turned into much harder strikes, until eventually Yano led the officials and Young Lions to finally get them separated.

NEVER Openweight Championship Match

Fast and furious action early on as Elgin – who has slimmed down and looks to be in ridiculously good shape – was throwing bodies left and right. Goto came back and proved he could do the same, throwing suplexing and actually slamming Elgin on top of Taichi with a German suplex. The highlight of the match early on was Elgin doing a picture perfect tope con hilo over the ropes to the outside.

Taichi seemed like the odd man out, unable to do any serious lifting, so his job was basically to not get murdered, and break up pins when they happened. Goto finally got his hands on him and connected with a Ushigoroshi, and the two big men fought over who was going to superplex Taichi off the top rope. Rude. Goto won the exchange and went for the superplex, but Elgin came out of nowhere flying over the ropes to sunset flip the champion, triggering a big Tower of Doom spot.

After recovering Elgin and Goto traded running lariats back and forth, bringing each other to one knee. Elgin connected with an impressive bridging suplex, showing off his newfound flexibility. Goto came back and destroyed him with more lariats, got him up and connected with a second Ushigoroshi. Taichi then rolled his valet into the ring and the referee had to assist her out of the ring, allowing the Suzuki-Gun star to blast both guys with his microphone stand! A huge DDT connected to the champion, but he kicked out at two-and-a-half. Elgin with the Buckle Bomb to Taichi, a second Buckle Bomb into the face of the champion, and he hit the Elgin Bomb to pick up the win.

Winner and New Champion: Michael Elgin

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