NJPW Dominion Results (6/9): Okada vs Jericho, Jon Moxley In Action!



The stream’s audio died during the entirety of Taichi’s entrance, which is the only real proof I needed that God exists. Ishii was having none of his s*** and charged the champ in the corner, even raking his eyes as he just beat the absolute hell out of him with brutal elbow strikes, over and over again. Taichi got back up and foolishly told the Stone Pitbull to come at him, and was immediately lit up with at least two dozen consecutive knife-edge chops. His chest is now a red, raw pile of hamburger meat.

To his credit, Taichi took every chop, never backed off, and then delivered an immediately boot to his opponent’s temple, knocking him back into the ropes. The champ stayed on top of him with heavy kicks to the chest, followed by another big boot. He continued with the kicks over and over again, hit a sick lariat to the back of the big man’s head, and actually connected for a nasty looking Saito suplex, right on the back of Ishii’s head for a close two-and-a-half count.

Taichi spent a bit too much time throwing a fit because he didn’t get the win there. Ishii threw him across the ring with a German suplex, picked him back up and did it again. He tried for another suplex, but the champ threw him into the referee and took a cheap shot from behind. Ishii came right back with a lariat to the front, and a lariat to the back, but no one was there to make the count. He kept on the assault until the ref recovered, but Taichi still managed to kick out.

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Both men were slowing down at this point, clearly exhausted. Ishii went for another lariat, but Taichi ducked it and nailed another big kick to the side of the head. He’s had a ton of success with that move so far. He locked in a modified Chicken Wing and it genuinely looked like he was going to get the submission win for a second. The referee raised Ishii’s hand and it fell to the mat. He did it again, and it fell to the mat. On the third time of course Ishii stopped him and tried to stand up, but Taichi dropped him again with another kick.

Taichi motioned for his finisher, but Ishii struggled free and went for a powerbomb, only for the champ to roll through and lift the big man into his own Last Ride powerbomb! 1…2…NO! Ishii just barely kicked out. Taichi was furious at this point and continued to drill his boot into the side of his opponent’s head, but Ishii refused to stay down and pumped himself up by slamming his head into the turnbuckle padding several times. The Stone Pitbull fired back with rights and lefts, and a thunderous lariat, but it wasn’t enough.

Ishii went for another lariat looking to put things away for good, but Taichi collapsed underneath, baiting him into for a quick roll-up. He tried for the Black Mephisto, but Ishii nailed him with forearm shots and fought out. HUGE lariat from the challenger. Brainbuster connects! 1…2…3!

Winner & New Champion: Tomohiro Ishii


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